How to Get a Permit

Applicants/Consultants - DEP’s COVID- 19 guidance to Con Coms issued on March 28th: CLICK HERE

Filing Guidelines

Most homeowners working near wetlands will have to file 1 of 2 kinds of applications. If you have any questions whether you have a minor or major project and which permit you should apply for, give us a call at 508-532-5460. Please note that an Application for Conservation Permit (a permit that was required under the Framingham Wetlands Bylaw and associated Regulations, is no longer required.

Request for Determination of Applicability (RDA)

This is for minor projects entirely in the Buffer Zones that will have little or no impact on the Wetland Resource Area. It is the simplest and least expensive permit application procedure, 1 most homeowners can fill out on their own Request for Determination of Applicability. This results are in a Determination of Applicability. The filing fee for a RDA is $100.

Notice of Intent (NOI)

This is for large projects that involve soil disturbances, either in the buffer zone or in a Wetland Resource Area. This is a more detailed permit application that may require professionally engineered plans and results in a permit called an Order of Conditions (OOC). No spiral bound or plastic bound applications, please! To determine your filing fee, view the Filing Fee Worksheet (PDF).


There are several checklists available to assist in an applicant’s complete filings.


You may need to obtain a waiver from municipal Wetland Bylaw and/or Regulations (if applicable). All applicants proposing work in a Wetland Resource Area or No Alteration Zone must submit a Waiver Request Form (PDF) with their application.

Abutter Request

You will be required to fill out an Abutter Request Form (PDF) and obtain a Certified List of Abutters from the Assessor’s Office. See below for

  • For work on single family homes or on lots that are less than 50 acres, fill in 100 feet for the radius.
  • For work within Land Under Waterbodies and Waterways, and on lots that are more than 50 acres, provide a map with your request to the Assessor’s Office showing project area. Radius will be 100 feet from the project site as shown on the attached maps.
  • For linear shaped projects that are longer than 1,000 feet in length, all abutters within the project site must be notified and provide a map with the Request to the Assessor’s Office and write linear on the request where space allows.

Abutter Notification 

All applicants must notify all abutters, which will be shown on the Certified List of Abutters, obtained from the Assessor’s Office. Abutters must be notified either in person or by certified mail or certificate of mailing within seven business days.

Use the sample letter (PDF) for the mailings and the signature sheet (PDF) for in-person notification.

At the night of the meeting, you will need to bring proof of notification (mail receipts and/or signatures) and the Affidavit of Service (PDF).