Mayor's Summer Internship Program


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Building a Diverse Talent Pipeline Through Summer Work Experiences

The Mayor’s Summer Internship Program (MSIP) is a ten-week paid internship experience for talented historically underrepresented college students. This “pipeline” program is designed to provide enthusiastic undergraduate, graduate and/or recent graduates with an opportunity to explore potential administrative careers in a real-world municipal setting.  This inaugural program is an exciting opportunity for individuals seeking to apply their skills in a team setting environment that is dedicated to addressing real issues facing the Framingham community every day.


RATE $17 per hour / 37.5 hours per week

MSIP Employer /Employee Benefits Provide:

  • A way to increase the City’s diverse talent pool 
  • Students with real-world work experience aligned with their academic pursuits
  • A pipeline for potential future employees
  • Departments with assistance on special projects, assignments and 
  • Cost efficiencies  
  • Formal partnerships with universities and colleges
  • Brand awareness

The MSIP Program Design Offers Students a:

  • The 10-week paid summer internship program at City Hall offers students a summer experience with an administrative focus in Finance, Human Resources, IT, Public Safety, and Public Health. 
  • 6 undergraduate or graduate students with paid, project-based work for 10 weeks starting May through June.
  • this internship program provides a unique opportunity for students to gain practical experience in local government settings and be guided and mentored by local government practitioners.
  • The MSIP provides students with Lunch & Learn Sessions that focus on career development and Resume Building Manager time and expectations
  • The program includes lectures, networking luncheons, mentoring, hands-on work sessions, and resume and job search preparation.
  • Opportunity to discover their passions and interests and determine which career path is best for them.

MSIP Program Selection Criteria:

Students interested in applying to the MSIP Program should meet the following criteria:

  • must be a highly motivated college student leader
  • must have an interest in working in local government 
  • preference is given to students currently enrolled in a full-time undergraduate program, or graduate program, or a recent graduate from Framingham State University and Mass Bay Community College
  • must have a strong interest in one of the program's offered fields
  • must be a college student currently enrolled in a 2- or 4-year college program
  • complete the online application which includes uploading a resume and a short 200-word essay that demonstrates the candidate’s diversity competencies through life experiences and state why you would like to enroll in the program.

*MSIP Lunch & Learn Sessions

Program Orientation

  • Understanding How City Government Works
  • Strengths Assessment
  • Understanding Student Loan Debt
  • Lunch with the Mayor
  • Resume Building/Professional Headshot for LinkedIn Profile
  • Managing Your Boss’s Expectations

Program Wrap-Up Lunch with Student Presentations

(*Sessions are subject to change)


The City of Framingham is committed to the ongoing pursuit of strategic diversity initiatives that help to position diversity, equity, and inclusion as central to the municipality and community-wide excellence in the City of Framingham. In doing so, Framingham strives for a city culture and environment that fosters a true sense of belonging for all and provides an opportunity for everyone to participate equally and fully in the city, their communities, and neighborhoods in ways that help to develop each individual's capacity to confidently and competently engage within and across difference. Given an evolving national context and the richness in the demographic and linguistic profile of our city, the City of Framingham has made a significant commitment to addressing and enhancing its community climate, culture, and multiplicity of service capabilities as a city.

The City of Framingham is an Affirmative Action Equal Opportunity Employer