Central St./Edgell Rd. Intersection Improvements

  1. Project Overview
  2. Project Update

The project scope is centered around improving vehicle operations and safety by relieving congestion issues on Central Street and addressing existing sight distance deficiencies.  The proposed intersection geometry will consist of an added northbound right-turn lane and a southbound left-turn pocket for the Edgell Road approaches.  The new traffic signal will control all traffic movements and include an exclusive pedestrian phase.


Based on the proposed geometric changes and results of the capacity analysis, the following benefits and impacts were identified:

  • Improved vehicular operation compared to 2028 Future without Mitigation conditions.
  • Improved pedestrian mobility and safety by providing ADA/AAB compliant sidewalks along both sides of all roadways, crosswalks across all approaches, and exclusive pedestrian phasing.
  • Improved bicycle accommodation with consistent five-foot shoulders through the project area.

25% Design Public Hearing

A 25% Design Review Public Hearing was held by MassDOT on December 5, 2019, at the Village Hall. MassDOT, the City of Framingham, and the City’s design consultant VHB presented plans to the public about the project and the proposed intersection improvements. 

To view the PowerPoint presentation from the public hearing, click here.

To view the MassDOT handout packet with information about the project, click here.