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Toy Soldiers & Snow People Scavenger Hunt

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  2. Toy Soldiers & Snow People Scavenger Hunt
    Búsqueda del Tesoro para Encontrar Soldados de Juguete y Muñecos de Nieve
    Caça ao Tesouro para Localizar Os Soldados de Brinquedo e Bonecos de Neve

    Avoid cabin fever this holiday season! The City of Framingham Department of Public Works (DPW) and the Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs Division have collaborated to create a socially distant scavenger hunt to help locate their lost Toy Soldiers and Snow People.

    After a long quarantine nap, the Toy Soldiers and Snow People have come out of hibernation and are wandering around the City. We need your help finding them, to make sure they are ready to celebrate the holidays and ring in the new year!

    Pieces of the scavenger hunt map will be released randomly throughout the month of December on the Scavenger Hunt Web Page, as well as the DPW and Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs Division’s social media pages, with their approximate locations. Four map sections total will be released throughout the month.

    Families should use the map as a guide to locate a combined total of approximately 58 Toy Soldiers and Snow People! Make sure to keep track of their locations!

    Once you have located our winter friends, submit your Scavenger Hunt Entry Form on the City website for a chance to win one of four prizes (two $25 gift cards to Target and two $25 credits towards a Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs Division Program Registration)! Entries must be received no later than Noon on Wednesday, December 30.

    Four winners will be randomly drawn from the correct entries. Only one entry per family, please.

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  3. Submit Locations of Toy Soldiers and Snow People by Map Below
    Envíe las ubicaciones de los Soldados de Juguete y los Muñecos de Nieve a través del siguiente mapa
    Enviar localizações dos Soldados de Brinquedo e Bonecos de Neve pelo mapa abaixo
  4. While you are out searching for our winter friends, please remember to write-down the nearest street/address, landmark, park name or building name/location for each toy soldier and snow person. Include this information below.

    Incluya cualquiera de la siguiente información en su entrada: dirección / nombre, punto de referencia, nombre del parque o nombre / ubicación del edificio.

    Inclua qualquer uma das seguintes informações em sua entrada: endereço / nome da rua, ponto de referência, nome do parque ou nome / localização do edifício.

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