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Application - Temporary Restaurant Outdoor Use

  1. Application - Temporary Restaurant Outdoor Use

    Please DO NOT ATTEMPT to submit multiple applications. Once submitted, if you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact Rebecca Nau

  2. Does your lease allow or did your landlord/property management company approve your outdoor dining plan on this property?*
  3. Will the total number of outdoor seats exceed the existing seating capacity of the restaurant?*
  4. If you are located in the Central Business District and are applying to use the sidewalk, submit an application with the proposed layout, materials to be used, and consent form from adjoining tenant, if applicable.

    Please allow additional time for sidewalk dining approval.
  5. File Types Accepted: .pdf, .jpg, .png, .doc, or .docx files only
  6. If you have an alcohol pouring license, will you be serving outdoors? ABCC Guidelines for Extension of Premises to Patio & Outdoor Areas remain in effect. ABCC approval not required.
  7. Will there be any portable heater(s)?*
  8. If generators will be used, please indicate type(s).
  9. Is there ADA accessibility to all areas? *
  10. Tent Details

    If you are GOING to have a tent, please answer the following questions and apply for a Commercial Building Permit.

    For assistance with this permit, please contact Inspectional Services at (508) 532-5500.

    A tent is NOT required for outdoor seating.

    1) Indicate number, size of each tent and Flame Spread Rating of each tent to be installed.

    2) Will tents will be partitioned?

    3) Will tent(s) have four (4) sides or closed in?

    4) Will propane or any other source of heat be used inside the tent?

    5) If no tent, please state.

  11. Will there be a portable restroom(s) with ADA accessibility?*
  12. Will additional lighting be installed? Include on required site plan*
  13. Fire and Public Safety

    • New/additional outdoor seating shall not block any established exits from any building including fire lanes, hydrants, FDC, and exit discharge.

    • Tents must be clear of all combustible material including vegetation (10 feet).

    • Tent fabric must meet NFPA 701(Standard Methods of Fire Test) this includes curtains, window shades, draperies, table linens, wall hangings as well as fabrics used in tarps and other similar structures and banners.

    • Smoking shall not be permitted in any tent, plainly visible signs shall be posted that read as follows: NO SMOKING.

    • Tents shall have portable fire extinguishers and they must be inspected and tested by approved fire extinguisher company.

    • Patio heaters shall be used in accordance with their listing and manufacturer’s instructions. 5 feet from exits.
  14. *Physical barrier or separation to protect customers from vehicle traffic and pedestrian traffic, such as bollards, barricades, or planter boxes are required and must be shown on site plan.

    If you plan to have outdoor entertainment, describe and include where it will be located on site plan.

  16. Will an amplifier be used for live or pre-recorded music?
  17. File Types Accepted: .pdf, .jpg, .png, .doc, or .docx files only

  18. File Types Accepted: .pdf, .jpg, .png, .doc, or .docx files only
  19. No smoking or use of vaping products allowed in all outdoor seating areas.
  20. I, the undersigned, state the information provided in this application, and associated attachments, is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. Furthermore, I certify under the penalties of perjury, that all taxes, fees and fines owed prior to March 1 have been paid.
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