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    As part of Loring Arena’s Return to Hockey Preparedness Planning & Protocols for the 2020-21 Season, Loring Arena requires a signed document from all of its members/ players and families prior to participating in any Loring Arena event/activity attesting that they have read Loring’s Return To Hockey Protocols, that they meet the current health and safety requirements for returning to the ice, and that they will comply fully with the requirements, guidelines and protocols set forth currently and as may be amended from time to time to align with any new updated guidance from the CDC, Framingham Dept. of Public Health and USA/MA Hockey.

  2. For this purpose, please indicate your certification by checking the box below for the following and filling in your contact information
    I certify that I have reviewed the Loring Arena’s Return To Hockey Preparedness Planning & Protocols for 2020-2021 Season and the underlying guidance from the CDC, the Massachusetts Department of Health, and the local government officials and its governing bodies, USA Hockey, MIAA and MA Hockey included by reference* and that I will comply with the current health and safety requirements and protocols for returning to hockey set forth therein and as may be updated.

    I certify that I understand all players, coaches, families and volunteers should stay home if ill (with any symptoms); maintain physical distance of at least 6’ from anyone outside their household; wear a CDC approved mask when in the rink (Includes ALL players on-ice); and wash or sanitize hands often. I/We agree to follow all requirements and guidelines set forth for helping to control the spread, for isolation, quarantine, self-evaluation, testing, contact tracing, and to not return to play or visit if my player or a member of our family tests positive and/or becomes ill with COVID-19.

    I further certify that I understand that Loring Arena is required to follow the CDC guidance for community-related exposure and accordingly, I/we agree to adhere to the CDC/Framingham Dept. of Public Health direction to quarantine at home for the recommended number of days of quarantine after exposure, and follow the Framingham Department of Public Health guidelines on when to discontinue isolation or quarantine and other precautions. I/We agree not to return to hockey if we have had close contact with a person who has symptoms and agree to quarantine.
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  4. The following information is provided to assist with completing the Certificate of Compliance form provided by Loring Arena. Be sure to check this resource at the time of signing this Certificate of Compliance to be sure you have the most up-to-date information. By way of this form, I have been informed that visitors, players, coaches, volunteers visiting Loring Arena are encouraged to self-screen for symptoms prior to every scheduled event and to provide status of screens when checking-in at each event. I have read and understand this entire Certificate of Compliance and make the above certifications under declaration of penalties of perjury.
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