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1. I just returned home to find a non-compliance warning sticker on my trash or recycling cart. What is it for?
2. Is the City providing automated refuse and recycling carts to the residents?
3. When is my trash and recycling picked up?
4. What happens if my collection day falls on a holiday?
5. Are there any restrictions on what I can put in my trash?
6. So, what do I do with items that I cannot put in my trash?
7. When is the Recycle Drop-off Center on Mt. Wayte Ave open?
8. Where do my recyclables go?
9. Where does my trash go?
10. Why do I have to put my leaves and grass in special paper bags?
11. Can I use a borrowed or rental vehicle at the Recycling Drop-off Center?
12. Where can I get biodegradable leaf bags?
13. When is household hazardous waste collection day held?
14. How must I bundle my brush and yard waste?
15. How do I dispose of latex paint?
16. Can I have bulky house hold items picked up curbside?
17. What can I recycle?
18. Where can I donate used clothing/textiles and books?