How do I obtain a final bill when I sell my house?
1. Final meter reads are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays only.

2. Owner or Realtor must call the billing office to schedule a final read within 5 days prior to the closing date. ( No exceptions). Call the Business Office at 508-532-5605.

3. The new owner’s name must be provided on the day the appointment is made.

4. A contact phone number must be provided.

5. There will be a fee of $20.00 for the final reading included in the final bill amount.

6. If the appointment is missed, the next available time would be the next final read day. There will also be a charge for the missed appointment.

7. The final bills will be ready for pickup 1 hour after the last scheduled appointment. Please feel free to call our office to confirm that the bill is ready for pickup.

8. The final bills may be:
* Picked up in the office with a signature provided.
* By fax with a signed request received.
* By email with a delivery and read receipt requested.

9. The final bill amounts are due within 7 days of the date the final bill is issued. The final bills must be paid with cash or certified check to the Treasurer’s office. There is a daily annum interest rate of 14% assessed by the Treasurer’s Office for each day the bill remains unpaid.

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