Do you have transportation?
The public transportation system, MWRTA Route 2 and Route 3 will drop off passengers at the Callahan Center entrance, on request to the driver and pull into the Callahan Center parking lot to pick up passengers when they call 10 minutes before the expected arrival time for the bus route. Bus schedules are available at the Callahan Center at 535 Union Avenue and at MWRTA (508) 647-6446 or at the link below...

Please call the Center (508) 532-5980 for other transportation options for Framingham residents, such as The RIDE, Busy Bee Transportation system and Dial-A-Ride with Tommy’s Taxi.

The Center also have volunteers who will take seniors in their own vehicles to various appointments. Please call at least one week in advance to arrange this service.
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3. Do you have transportation?
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