How do I handle Water & Sewer utilities when preparing for a demolition?

When you are preparing to have demolition work done on a property, you will need to have all existing utility services disconnected. The Public Works utilities you must have disconnected are the water and sewer services. 
To disconnect water and sewer services:
1) Call the Water Division at 508-532-6050 to request an appointment for the water service to be shut off at the curb and the meter(s) removed prior to demolition
Please Note: There is a $25 service fee for water to be shut off at the curb.
2) Hire a Licensed Drainlayer to cut and cap the water and sewer services

3) The Licensed Drainlayer is required to apply for a Trench Opening Permit and Street Opening Permit

4) Once the water is shut off, the meter is removed, AND your Licensed Drainlayer has received approved trench and street opening permits, please notify the DPW Inspectors at 508-532-6010 at least 48 hours before cutting and capping the utilities. The DPW Inspectors will inspect the disconnection after the work is complete.

5) After the cut and cap is inspected, the Municipal Engineering Program will issue a letter stating water and sewer utilities are disconnected from the property. This letter is sent to the Inspectional Services Department. 
6) A meter reading will be documented at the time of meter removal and reported to the Water & Sewer Billing Office. Your final bill will be generated based on your final meter reading plus the $25 service fee. 


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6. Where can I report a sinkhole in the public way?

A sinkhole can be caused by many different reasons, so knowing which Division in Public Works to call may not be possible. 

If you are not sure you may call any of the following divisions to report the sinkhole:

  • Please call the Highway Division, 508-532-6030, for potholes or sinkholes around drainage fixtures (catch basins or storm drains). 
  • Please call the Water Division, 508-532-6050, for sinkholes near fire hydrants, round water gate covers, or trenches in the road where water work has occurred.
  • Please call the Wastewater Division, 508-532-6060, for sinkholes around manhole covers or trenches in the road where sewer work has occurred.