What do I do if I see sewage in my house, yard, or in the street?

You should call the Wastewater Department immediately to report any visible signs of sewerage anywhere or any signs of an impending clog (i.e., drains bubbling, drain gurgling sounds, or bad sewer odors.

In cases where there are public health and safety concerns (e.g., a sewerage backup from the public sewer or private service line), the appropriate City jurisdiction will take enforcement action to ensure the problems are attended to. When a sewer blockage occurs, it often cannot be determined whether the clog is in the sewer's main or private sewer service until a professional inspection. If you experience a sewerage backup onto your property, we recommend calling the Wastewater Division immediately at 508-532-6060. We will send a technician to respond to reports of sewerage backups and signs of impending clogs to check the sewer main and take any measures necessary to resolve the issue promptly. If it is determined that the main is operating properly, and the problem lies in the private service, our technician will inform the property owner of their responsibility to resolve the issue.

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