When will this Order be reviewed?

The Mayor will continue to monitor COVID-19 data and trends for Framingham.  In addition, the Framingham Board of Health will review this Order at each subsequent regular meeting. Meeting agendas are posted to the City’s website. If no action is taken by the Mayor and the  Board of Health to rescind this Order, it will remain in effect.  The Mayor hopes that it will be possible to modify or rescind the Order by the end of February, 2022, but that decision will be based on the transmission rates.  If and when the Order is rescinded or modified, notice will be provided to the public by way of a press release and notification on the City’s website.

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1. When does this Order go into effect?
2. Why is Framingham instituting a mask mandate now?
3. Where and when do I need to wear a mask or face covering?
4. Which individuals are exempt from this Order?
5. As a business what must I do?
6. As a business operator, can I deny entry to patrons who refuses to follow this Order?
7. What if my business is not open to the public?
8. If I am hosting or attending a private event that is not open to the public, do I need to wear a mask or face covering?
9. Are musical and other live performances still allowed at restaurants and other indoor venues?
10. What is the penalty for noncompliance?
11. When will this Order be reviewed?
12. Who can I contact for additional questions?