What documents are required for Chapter 115 Benefits?

Veterans Benefits and Services 

Memorial Building

Room 11, 150 Concord Street

 Framingham, MA 01702 

Tel: (508)-532-5515/Fax (508)-532-5497 

Email: veterans@framinghamma.gov

Documents and information required to apply for Veterans Benefits and Aid 1. 

  1. Military Discharge paper: Department of Defense form, DD214 or equivalent
  2. Marriage*/Divorce Records and or Death Certificates 
  3. Children’s Birth certificates/Adoption Records are only needed when: a. Child less than 19 years of age b. Child less than 23 years old attending School of Higher Learning c. Handicapped dependent Adult Child living with veteran: Disabled before child’s 18th birthday. 
  4. Income verification; pay stubs, VA pension, SS, SSDI, SSI, SSP, retirement, strike benefits, workman’s compensation, unemployment or any other income.
  5. Housing Receipts a. Rental Lease must be noted that unit is heated or unheated. b. Mortgage receipts (principle, interest, taxes and home owners insurance)
  6. Life insurance; accounts number, amount, premium, beneficiary
  7. Medical insurance; plan and account number, receipts for payment, Poof i.e. Medical Insurance card with bills.
  8. List of all bills owed and monthly payments. This includes, but is not limited to, Heating, credit cards, car and student loans
  9. Bank account or Direct Express card statements for last three (3) months this includes, 401K, Savings Bonds, money market accounts, Certificates of Deposit (CD), IRA, stock dividends and mutual funds.
  10. Vehicles registrations for all cars in household.
  11. If employable: Proof of Registration with Mass D.E.T. 
  12. If unable to work, medical documentation must be provided i.e. Doctor’s letter that clearly states reason for and the expected duration of incapacitation. Note: * Married veterans must provide documents and information for their spouses as well as for themselves Assets limits: Single person: $5,000 in “liquid assets” Married Couple: $9,800 in “liquid assets” Income Guidelines for Chapter 115 Benefits: Incomes must be less than or equal to amounts shown: Ordinary Benefits: $1,430-$1,750 (Single), or $1,673-$2,313 (Married) . Medical Only Benefit: $1,962 (Single), or $2,655 (Married) Impacting factors include: age, if paying for heat, shelter and medical expenses.

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