What do I do with leftover or expired medication?

There is a prescription kiosk located at 1 William Welch Way inside the lobby of the Framingham Police Station which is open 24/7. The kiosk is for pills only. Do not put bottles, bubble packs or other pill containers inside the kiosk. If you are not able to get to the police station, please crush the pills, do not put medication of any kind down the drain or flush in the waste-water system (toilet). The preferred method is to crush medication and add to a garbage item such as kitty litter or coffee grounds (so that animals do not find it palatable) and dispose of in your regular household trash. Do not put it in the recycling bin. Do not put controlled medication bottles in the recycling bin. You do not want to alert anyone that there might be those substances in the home. If you have any questions, you can call the Board of Health Hotline 508-532-5478 or the main number 508-532-5470.

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