Are there any Medal of Honor recipients from Framingham?

Color Sergant Conrad Homan for his actions at the “Battle of the Crater”, Petersburg , VA, 1864. After weeks of preparation, on July 30, 1864, the Union soldiers exploded a mine in Burnside's IX Corps sector beneath Pegram's Salient, blowing a gap in the Confederate defenses of Petersburg in preparations for the fierce fighting later called the "Battle of the Crater". Unit after unit charged into and around the crater, where soldiers milled in confusion. The rebels quickly recovered and launched several counterattacks. The break was sealed off, and the Union Army repulsed with more than 7,000 men killed, wounded, or missing. Twenty three soldiers were awarded Medals of Honor for their valor in this deadly battle, including Color Sergeant Conrad Homan who fought his way through the enemy's lines with the regimental colors, continuing in his charge even after the rest of the color guard had been killed or captured. In all, a total of 64 Medals of Honor were earned in action at Petersburg, Virginia, in the period from March 25 to April 3, 1865. Sgt Homan is buried in Edawrds Cemetery, Framingham, MA.

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