Can I get a refund if I cancel my reservation?

Due to contractual agreements, the Recreation Department has a no refund policy unless we can find someone to take your place. 

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1. How often does a new schedule of activities come out?
2. Are Lake Cochituate State Park or Callahan State Park run by the Framingham Parks and Recreation Department?
3. Does Framingham have a swimming pool which is open to the public?
4. Does Framingham Recreation have a Little League team, a soccer team, or Youth Football?
5. How can I obtain a permit for the use of Parks & Recreation facilities?
6. How can I get a pass for the beaches in the summer?
7. Are there tennis courts with lights in City? How late do the lights stay on at Bowditch for track and tennis?
8. Does Framingham Recreation provide swimming lessons?
9. Are non-residents permitted to register for programs and go on the trips?
10. What programs are offered for infants and young children?
11. Can I get a refund if I cancel my reservation?
12. Who was Anna Murphy and why is the park on Cove Ave/Lake Ave named after her?
13. Where can I purchase a State Parks Pass?