Do you have information on lateral transfers?

The City of Framingham is currently seeking lateral transfer police officers under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 31. Candidates must have a minimum of three years, full-time patrol experience with a Massachusetts Civil Service police department. All Applicants must have successfully graduated from a full time Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Academy. An extensive background investigation will be conducted on all applicants the City of Framingham is an equal opportunity employer. For compensation information, contact the Framingham Police Department by calling 508-872-1212 extension 4918 or submit letter of interest to: Framingham Police Department One William Welch Way Framingham, MA 01702 (508) 872-1212. The City of Framingham is an Affirmative Action Equal Opportunity Employer

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1. How do I become a police officer?
2. Where are civil service exams held?
3. How are the final candidates chosen?
4. Does the police department hire non police personnel for any positions?
5. Do you have information on lateral transfers?
6. How can I obtain a license to carry a firearm?
7. Are there any requirements to carry pepper spray? Also, where would I buy it?
8. I have a license to carry from another state and am moving to Framingham. What procedures must I follow?
9. Who needs to have a Firearms License or FID card?
10. How old must I be to obtain a license to carry?
11. What is a sexual offender?
12. What is a Level 1 Offender?
13. What is a Level 2 Offender?
14. What is a Level 3 Offender?
15. Who may obtain information about a sexual offender?
16. Can I get information from my local police department?
17. How do I obtain information from the Sexual Offender Registry Board?
18. What to do I do if I lost my purse or wallet?
19. What do I do if I am a victim of fraud over the internet?
20. How do I obtain a copy of my criminal record?
21. How can I get a criminal check on another person?
22. When is an operator required to fill out an accident report?