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Posted on: February 6, 2024

City Advertising For Applicants For Framingham Fair Housing Committee

Fair Housing Committee in gold on purple background with city seal



For further information, contact:

Susan Scully Petroni

City of Framingham Public Information Officer




City Advertising For Applicants For Framingham Fair Housing Committee



FRAMINGHAM - The City of Framingham is seeking multiple applicants for the 13-member Fair Housing Committee. 


The Fair Housing Committee works to promote access to safe and affordable housing for all segments of the community to the maximum extent feasible. 


The Fair Housing Committee accomplishes this through the study of housing issues, public education, and advocacy. The Committee reports to the Mayor. 


The Committee is comprised of 13 members. Nine members are nominated by the Mayor, and must be confirmed by the City Council. These individuals must live in Framingham and should represent segments of the community. 


The Mayor is seeking to fill multiple seats with a term ending on June 30, 2025, June 30, 2026, and June 30, 2027.


Four members are ex-officio appointments for 1-year terms and represent the Human Relations Commission, the Community and Economic Development Department, the Planning Board, and the Framingham Housing Authority 


The Committee has not been meeting due to quorum issues, but is scheduled to meet the last Wednesday of the month. 


To apply for one of the seats on the Fair Housing Committee, visit  Form Center • Boards, Committees, Commission, Officers Appli (


The deadline to apply is Friday, March 1, 2024.


After the deadline, the Mayor will make nominations to the Committee.


The nominees will then need to go before the legislative branch of government – the 11-member City Council – for approval. If no action, is taken on the nominations within 30 days, the nominees are automatically appointed to the Committee.


Questions about the Committee can be directed to Public Information Officer Susan Scully Peroni, until the CPO position is filled. Email her at