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Posted on: November 1, 2023

Mayor Sisitsky Signs Executive Order To Create Framingham School Building Committee


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Mayor Sisitsky Signs Executive Order To Create Framingham School Building Committee



FRAMINGHAM – City of Framingham Mayor Charlie Sisitsky signed an executive order to create a 13-member Framingham School Building Committee.


The executive order was signed on October 31, 2023, and it was the third executive order issued by the Mayor last month.


The City of Framingham is looking to replace Hemenway Elementary School on Water Street, built in 1961. 


The existing facility is insufficient for the enrollment and curriculum of the Framingham Public Schools, and the existing building’s scale and orientation of spaces are outdated and unable to properly adapt to the needs of contemporary school.


The City of Framingham hired architects to perform a pre-feasibility study for the expansion or replacement of the existing Hemenway Elementary School. This pre-feasibility study delved into the existing building and site, and but also expanded to looking at options for a new site. 


The Framingham School Committee and the Framingham City Council, earlier this year, authorized the Mayor, to enter into negotiations with the owners of property on Bethany Road for a potential site for a new school.


The Massachusetts School Building Authority (“MSBA”), states that the municipality, “. . . shall formulate a school building committee for the purpose of generally monitoring the Application process and to advise the Eligible Applicant during the construction of an Approved Project.” 


The membership of the new 13-member Framingham School Building Committee will include:


  • Four members appointed by the Mayor, with approval by the City Council, of which three members of the community will have architecture, engineering and/or construction experience. 


  • Three members of the School Committee, appointed by the School Committee;


  • Three members of the community appointed by the School Committee, with at least two members having students in the Framingham public schools, and at least one member who has knowledge of the educational mission and function of the facility; and


  • Three members of the City Council, including at least one member from the Finance Sub-Committee.


All of these members will be voting members.


The following City employees shall act in an advisory capacity to the Framingham School Building Committee, as per the MSBA outlined in 963 CMR 2.10(3)(b):

  1. The Mayor or his designee;
  2. The Superintendent of Schools;
  3. The Framingham Public School District Director of Buildings & Grounds or his designee
  4. The school principal of Hemenway School; and
  5. The CFO or her designee.



Those interested in applying for the Framingham School Building Committee, should click here.


The deadline to apply is Friday, December 1.


Per the executive order, the Mayor will name the Chair and Vice Chair of the Committee.