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Posted on: August 6, 2023

Deadline to Submit Community Preservation Act Eligibility Form is September 5


For further information, contact:

Susan Scully Petroni

City of Framingham Public Information Officer




The deadline to Submit Community Preservation Act Eligibility Form is September 5




FRAMINGHAM - The Framingham Community Preservation Committee (CPC) is now accepting CPA Project Eligibility Forms. 

This is the first step in applying for CPA funds and will be used by the CPC to determine if projects are eligible for Community Preservation Act (CPA) funding. 

This year the CPC is only accepting electronic submissions of the Eligibility Form, which is available in multiple languages.

On the Eligibility Form, applicants are asked to describe the proposed project for which they are seeking CPA funding.  If the CPC determines that a proposed project is eligible according to Community Preservation Act requirements, the applicant will be invited to proceed with the Full CPA Application. 

CPA funding can only be used for specific types of projects in the areas of historic resources, open space, outdoor recreation, and community housing. These projects also need to demonstrate a clear public benefit. 

September 5, 2023, is the deadline for submitting a CPA Project Eligibility Form online.

However, early submission could allow the CPC to give timely feedback for a project deemed Not Eligible, thus allowing the applicant the chance to pivot to a different proposal and submit a new Eligibility Form before the process is closed. 

The Eligibility Form and Instructions can be found on the CPC’s webpage via this link:

The Full Application will be available later.

If you have any questions, please contact the Committee via telephone at 508.532.5683 or via email to