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Posted on: May 18, 2023

City of Framingham Seeking Applicants for Associate Members of the Zoning Board of Appeals


For further information, contact:

Susan Scully Petroni

City of Framingham Public Information Officer



City of Framingham Seeking Applicants for Associate Members of the Zoning Board of Appeals


FRAMINGHAM – The City of Framingham is seeking applicants to fill associate member seats on the Zoning Board of Appeals.


The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) is a quasi-judicial board whose role is to interpret the Framingham Zoning Bylaw in appeals of denied building permits or other determinations of the Building Commissioner and hear petitions for Special Permits and Variances subject to the requirements of Mass. General Laws Chapter 40A. 


The Board acts as the Sign Appeals Board, authorized under Article VII of the local bylaws, empowered to decide appeals and petitions for variances for signs that do not comply. Finally, the Board has jurisdiction over affordable housing projects proposed under M.G.L. Chapter 40B.


Applicants should have a background in law or regulatory compliance, land use planning, real estate, and/or urban development policy are encouraged. 


ZBA Cases involve sometimes complex questions of legal interpretation, property rights, and policy in defense of the law and public interest.


“Members appointed to a case must be present for all meetings at which that case is discussed; otherwise, a decision may not be considered valid. They must review case materials before the meeting and be prepared to discuss and ask questions. Review and learn the requirements of the Zoning Bylaw and Chapter 40A (training provided). Determine, based on the law, whether a given petition should be granted or denied.”

Associate members may also serve on the sign appeals board.

The Zoning Board typically meets the second Wednesday monthly, but the Chair may call additional meetings.

To apply for one of the seats on the Zoning Board of Appeals click here.


The deadline to apply is Monday, June 5.


Questions about the Committee can be directed to Framingham Citizen Participation Officer Heather Gutierrez at or by calling 508-532-5510





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