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Posted on: May 18, 2023

City of Framingham seeking to fill 13 seats on the Framingham Youth Council


For further information, contact:

Susan Scully Petroni

City of Framingham Public Information Officer



City of Framingham seeking to fill 13 seats

on the Framingham Youth Council



FRAMINGHAM – The Framingham City Council and the Framingham Mayor are accepting applications for the 13-member Framingham Youth Council.

The City of Framingham Youth Council was created by Framingham resident Isabella Petroni, when she was a senior at Framingham High School. She researched and authored the ordinance, which the City Council passed unanimously and the Mayor signed in 2019.

The Youth Council is comprised of 13 individuals – one from each of Framingham’s nine districts nominated by the district City Councilors, two individuals nominated by the City Councilors at large; and two individuals appointed by the Mayor.

The district Youth Councilors serve a 1-year term. 

The other four members of the Youth Council serve a 2-year term.

Members must be between the ages of 13-22, and must reside or vote in Framingham. 

Applicants shall demonstrate a desire to actively participate in Framingham’s government processes and provide unique perspectives, leadership, and input on matters that shape and influence the future of the community. 

The Youth Council typically holds its meeting on the weekends, and at this time on Zoom.

Youth Councilors:

  • Evaluate and review issues facing youth in the City.
  • Represent youth in the City of Framingham, and advising elected officials and other policy makers regarding matters of interest or concern to young people 
  • Provide information to and advocating before public entities including the mayor, municipal government, state government, federal government, police, school districts, and high education institutions, in support of young people in the City of Framingham.
  • Provide a structure for all young people in Framingham to learn the value of civic
     participation and thereby encouraging lifelong participatory residents.
  • Offer policy recommendations on issues affecting and of interest to young people.
  • Engage with young people in Framingham to inform them of opportunities and listening to their suggestions regarding how the community can better serve its residents.
  • Conduct an annual joint meeting with the Superintendents in January of each year.

The Youth Council reports to the City Council and provides updates to the City’s legislative branch of government twice a year.

The Youth Council has five subcommittees each with its own chairs. The goal of the subcommittees is to provide more leadership opportunities for all members. Each subcommittee also had a vice chair.

The subcommittees are:

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Academic Achievement
  • Outreach & Youth Engagement
  • Physical & Mental Health Issues
  • Environmental & Sustainability

The deadline to apply is June 30, 2023

To apply, click here.


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