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Posted on: April 30, 2021

Hot Mic from April 29 Zoom Session



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Hot Mic from April 29 Zoom Session:Reimagining Framingham Business – Post Pandemic 


Framingham, MA – Below are two statements regarding the hot mic that occurred after the April 29 Zoom Session: “Reimagining Framingham Business – Post Pandemic. 


From: Executive Assistant Jennique Horrigan

“In this virtual world, hot mics do happen. I let the stress of the situation get to me, and for that, I am sorry and regret the words I chose. I am proud of my usual ‘grace under fire’ persona and was frustrated because Framingham’s business community could not voice their thoughts and questions due to the chat being flooded. This meeting was held to hear and learn from the Framingham business community. Their accomplishments could have helped others. I don’t think that objective was accomplished, unfortunately. I have spoken with Mayor Spicer, and she still wants to hear from the City’s business community. She has asked that businesses feel free to email her questions and ideas at,” said Jennique Horrigan, Executive Assistant to Mayor Spicer


From: Mayor Yvonne M. Spicer

“It is disappointing that an elected official of Councilor Cannon’s stature would choose to use his time to attack an administrative assistant publicly. Yesterday’s hot mic is an unfortunate occurrence. While regrettable, Ms. Horrigan’s comments do not reflect her well-established record of excellent customer service to residents, businesses, and the City Council. However, I can empathize with Ms. Horrigan’s frustration, and she is not alone. Since the outset of my administration, Councilor Cannon has behaved in an unprofessional and bullying manner in his dealings with several Framingham employees. I wholly reject any suggestion that I created this acrimonious climate or that our employees have done anything to deserve to be treated this way. To anyone who has paid attention to City Council meetings, Councilor Cannon’s well-documented mistreatment of former and current employees has been unbecoming, uncivil, and detrimental to employee morale, all at a time when we are demanding so much from our employees on a daily basis. All one needs to do is to review past Council meetings on the Framingham Government Channel to see repeated evidence of that. Moreover, his behavior on phone calls with employees, outside of the Memorial Building and in the community has also been of concern. I personally can cite several examples. The City Council enacted a code of conduct that Councilor Cannon has repeatedly disregarded when interacting with City employees. We, as a City, should not tolerate this type of behavior. Regardless of the way he treats them, City employees will continue to work professionally with Councilor Cannon and the rest of our legislative branch,” said Mayor Yvonne M. Spicer.



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