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Posted on: February 5, 2021

COVID-19 Update, Friday, February 5


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Since Wednesday, 38 Residents have Tested Positive, 30 More have Recovered, and City Learns of *Six New Fatalities Associated with COVID-19; 
City Informed by State it has changed its Vaccine Allotment Process, and Framingham will not Know How Many Vaccines it Will Receive for Next Clinic Until After Tomorrow's Clinic Is Complete;
New Resource: Those 75+ Unable to Use or Have Difficulty Accessing the Internet to Schedule Vaccine Appointments Online Can Call Massachusetts Vaccine Scheduling Resource Line At 

Community Hour Tues., Feb. 9: Continuing the Conversation - Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine and Testing

  • Since Wednesday, 38 residents have tested positive, 30 more have recovered, and the City learns of six new fatalities associated with COVID-19: The number of people in the City who have tested positive for COVID-19 is 6,337. With 4,971 recovered and 212 fatalities, Framingham currently has 1,154 active cases. The Framingham Health Department contacts the people who were potentially exposed and the owners of the businesses or places of employment where the potential exposures occurred to inform and counsel them on next steps (contact tracing). In addition to the active cases, the Health Department is following 543 residents in quarantine. 
    * There were delayed reports for four fatalities that occurred on 1/30/21 and 2/1/21

  • Shortly ago, the City was informed by the State of a new vaccine allotment process and will not know how many vaccines it will receive for the next clinic until after tomorrow's clinic is complete: This afternoon, the State's COVID-19 Vaccine Program announced that effective today it has changed the algorithm for the vaccine allotment process. Given this change, it remains uncertain how many vaccines Framingham will receive for the Saturday, Feb. 13, clinic. On Monday, Feb. 1, the Framingham Health Department requested 300 doses of Moderna vaccine (the maximum allowable request). Based on the State's new announcement, the City is not eligible to receive more vaccines until tomorrow's clinic is complete and all vaccine reports have been submitted to the State. Effective today, vaccine providers, including local health departments, have only 24 hours to submit vaccine clinic reports- reduced from 72 hours.

    "While we appreciate the efforts to ensure COVID-19 vaccines are used as quickly as possible, this announcement makes it challenging to plan vaccine clinics. To give residents proper advanced notice and schedule vaccine clinics in an organized and effective way, we need assurances that we will receive vaccine doses," said Alexandra DePalo, Interim Health Department Director. "Once again, I ask for the community's patience as we work through an evolving situation."

    The City of Framingham will make an announcement as soon as we have more information about the next vaccine clinic for Framingham residents over 75. At that time, the City will specify exactly when the registration will be opened online.

    Due to high demand and a constrained supply at the State and Federal levels, Framingham's ability to provide vaccines to residents is limited. Residents who are currently eligible for the vaccine and can travel should regularly check the State's website for clinic availability.

    For updated vaccine information, visit:

  • New Resource - those 75+ who are unable to use or have difficulty accessing the internet to schedule vaccine appointments online can call the Massachusetts vaccine scheduling resource line at 2-1-1: Call 2-1-1 and follow the prompts to reach The Massachusetts Vaccine Scheduling Resource Line Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. The Resource Line is available in English and Spanish and will have translators available to support residents in approximately 100 additional languages. Individuals ages 75 and older will be able to speak to a representative live on the phone to assist them with an appointment through the State's online system. These representatives have the same access to appointments as on the public website; it will not give individuals preference to appointments. If no appointments are available, callers will have the option to be placed on a call back list for the mass vaccination sites. The caller will receive a call back when an appointment becomes available at a mass vaccination site, and the list will be called on a first-come, first-served basis. The Scheduling Resource Line is currently only for individuals ages 75 and older who cannot use or have difficulty accessing the internet and are unable to schedule an appointment through the online platform. The call takers can only support individuals with scheduling an appointment, and representatives cannot answer general questions about COVID-19 or provide individual health care advice. Please note, due to the high demand for appointments and limited vaccine supply, it may take weeks to secure an available appointment in a preferred location. 

  • Community Hour Tuesday, Feb. 9, at 5 p.m. – Continuing the Conversation, Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine and Testing: Interim Health Department Director Alexandra DePalo will join Mayor Yvonne M. Spicer to discuss getting the COVID-19 vaccination. Attendees will be able to pose questions during the hour via Zoom's Chat function. If you cannot attend and have questions, please email with the subject line: Feb. 9 Community Hour. Click here for information on how to join. A video recording of the Zoom will be available following for those who cannot attend.








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