Improvements in Training

Training of the officers of the FAP has taken vast leaps over the years. In the early days, the training consisted of some first aid training and a quick run down of the officer's duties. Our current training consists of a state sponsored Intermittent/Reserve Police Officer Academy.

Upon completion of the academy, our officers receive certification in First Responders first aid, CPR, and use of Defibrillator units carried in all Framingham police patrol vehicles. Our recruits undergo approximately 200 hours of training before becoming a uniformed member of the FAP.

Field Training

Our officers then enter a field training phase where they are coupled with senior officers who help them understand the policies, procedures and protocol of the FAP and the Framingham Police Department. They also learn the geographic and unique characteristics of Framingham.

Ongoing Training

Our training is ongoing, and includes maintaining certification in all equipment carried as well as our first aid and CPR. Each month we hold training sessions on subjects including defensive tactics, verbal communication, narcotics, officer safety, fire safety, and crime scene security.

In response to the events of September 11th, we have updated our training schedule to include training on incidents involving weapons of mass destruction, chemical and biological incidents, and communication protocol during critical incidents. While it is our distinct hope that we will not need to call on these skills, as part of Emergency Management we have a duty to the residents of the Town of Framingham to be prepared should the need arise.