Prosecution Unit


The Framingham Police Department Prosecutor is required to appear in Court on a daily basis to submit criminal applications, arrest reports, and criminal motor vehicle citations. The Police Prosecutor signs all criminal complaints under oath before a Clerk Magistrate. During the past year, The Framingham Police Department made over 1,800 arrests and issued more than 8,300 motor vehicle citations, all the responsibility of the Police Prosecutor's Office.

Lieutenant Pereira is also responsible for conducting show-cause hearings and all motor vehicle citation appeals which are held to determine whether or not probable cause exists to bring charges before a judge. Lieutenant Pereira participates in juvenile hearings at the Juvenile Court, where the Clerk Magistrate has more discretion in the disposition of cases, such as placing a juvenile on a form of pre-trial probation with stipulations regarding future behavior.

Lieutenant Pereira spends a considerable amount of time with the Middlesex District Attorney's Office in the preparation of criminal cases, discovery materials, 911 recordings and radio transmission tapes, as well as amending criminal complaints based on new and pertinent information.