Department History


The City of Framingham, Massachusetts is located in Middlesex County, 20 miles west of Boston. Framingham is located geographically half way between Boston and the City of Worcester, a fact that was to prove influential in the development of its police department.

The town was incorporated on June 25, 1700. It was originally known as Danforth Farms. The town first recognized the need for an organized police force in 1871, when the first actual police facility was being built in town.

It was built on Watson Place in Saxonville, on the site where one of the individuals who served in a police capacity for the Town of Framingham from 1870 to 1891 performed basically the same duties throughout this time frame.

An officer from 1870 could easily perform the activities of his 1891 counterpart with no additional training. The only difference was a very slight pay increase and a noticeable increase in level of activity. Local police officers during this time period received no formal training.