CPA FY24 Project Eligibility

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Framingham Community Preservation Committee


Process and Instructions

The first step in applying for Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds is to submit the CPA Project Eligibility Form, which the Community Preservation Committee (CPC) uses to make a Determination of Project Eligibility.  Only proposals that the CPC deems eligible for funding under the CPA will be invited to proceed with a Full Application. 

To begin the process, complete the CPA Project Eligibility Form online* no later than the September 5, 2023 deadline. Submitting your Eligibility Form early would allow time for feedback. If not deemed eligible, the applicant may then have the opportunity to pivot to a different proposal and to submit a new Eligibility Form prior to the deadline.  

For eligibility guidance regarding CPA funding, useful information may be found at:

If your project is proposed for city-owned land and you are NOT the city entity in control of the land, please seek assistance to determine which City Commission or Department has jurisdiction of this land, since they are required to be a Co-Applicant on the Full Application. The city entity can provide assistance with project coordination, ensure compliance with state procurement and prevailing wage laws, and ensure that the proposal is consistent with city needs and priorities. If your project is proposed on privately owned (including non-profit) land not owned by you, and for which you cannot show site control, or on land owned, operated or under control of a non-city government entity, please note that such property owner/entity will need to formally sign off on your Full Application.

You will be notified of eligibility within 15 business days from receipt of your completed Eligibility Form. If your project meets the eligibility requirements and allowable uses for CPA funding, you will be invited to complete the CPA Project Full Application, once available online. If your project is NOT eligible, you will be notified and provided an explanation for this decision.  

* Please Note: You cannot save your work with the online Eligibility Form.  If you do not plan to submit it immediately, prepare your responses in a separate MS Word or similar platform and then cut and paste your responses to the narrative questions into the online form.  Be succinct and limit your responses to the space provided. 

To access the CPA Project Eligibility Form, click here