Pleasant Street Water and Sewer Improvements


This project will provide much-needed upgrading of outdated and undersized water and sewer infrastructure located on Pleasant Street (from Belknap Road to Temple Street) and on Temple Street (from Pleasant Street to the I-90 bridge crossing). 


  • Gravity sewer main (sewer pushed by gravity) is from 1929
  • Force sewer main (pressurized sewer pipes) is from 1955
  • Sewer infrastructure has capacity issues, including sanitary sewer overflows
  • Water main over 80 years old, mostly installed in 1939
  • A portion of the existing water main is located under the granite curb, making it difficult to access for repairs

anticipated project work:

  • Replace 3,730 feet of gravity sewer main
  • Replace 1,580 feet of force sewer main
  • Replace 5,000 feet of water main
  • Install new water connections to side streets, valves, fire hydrants, and city-owned service lines

Project benefits once completed:

  • New water main will increase fire flow protection, improve flow capacity and reliability
  • New sewer main will accommodate increased wastewater flows
  • Ensure better accessibility for future maintenance/repairs  

PROJECT UPDATE - Spring 2022

Water and sewer design work are 90% complete. Work is on hold until funding is secured for construction.