Carlson Road - Water, Sewer, and Roadway Improvements

Project overview

Infrastructure upgrades are required to accommodate the Framingham Housing Authority's (FHA) new housing construction, including rehabilitating 125 housing units in 31 existing buildings and adding three new buildings with seven accessible units.

The current cast iron water main was installed in 1954, is susceptible to failure, and does not meet fire-flow requirements for the buildings being served. The sewer pipes and manholes, constructed in the 1940s and 1950s, need to be restored to improve performance and extend longevity.

Performing the water, sewer, and final roadway restoration work as a coordinated effort with the FHA's project will minimize the duration of neighborhood disruption during construction and will be significantly less costly than performing the work as a separate project or set of projects at a different time.

Anticipated work includes:

  • Replace approximately 1,750 feet of existing 6" diameter cast iron water main with new 8" diameter cement-lined ductile iron pipe, complete with valves, hydrants, and services to buildings.
  • Replace approximately 75 feet of 8" diameter clay gravity sewer pipe and manholes.
  • Rehabilitate the remaining sewers and manholes through cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining.
  • The roadway will be resurfaced using a mill and overlay process after the utility trenches have settled.

Project Limits

Work will occur on Glen Street, Pusan Road, Carlson Road, and the walkway between Carlson Road and Beaver Street.

PROJECT UpDATe - MAy/June 2022

New water main has been installed on Carlson and Pusan Roads, as well as the walking path easement from Beaver Street to Carlson Road. After the temporary water bypass is demobilized, two sections of sewer main will be replaced. Once all work is complete, trenches will be paved. Final paving will be completed in late summer/early fall once trench settling occurs.


Please contact the Framingham Water and Wastewater Division, 508-532-6050, or

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