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Click the images or links below to learn more about clean energy programs currently available or in development for Framingham residents and businesses.

Framingham Saves Energy
Eversource Geothermal Pilot Program

Update: The City of Framingham is pleased to be partnering with the Town of Natick to work together in improving energy efficiency and the adoption of clean energy technologies in 2023. Please to sign up for a no-cost energy assessment and learn about opportunities to reduce energy use, cut greenhouse gas emissions, and cut costs. Contact if you have any questions or need assistance.

No-cost home energy assessments organized through the campaign are performed by a Mass Save home performance contractor or by the nonprofit Southern Middlesex Opportunity Council (SMOC), Framingham's Community Action Program agency, based on owner or tenant income criteria. Energy assessments can help renters and property owners receive products like high-efficiency showerheads, smart power strips, and programmable thermostats at no cost so that they can immediately begin saving energy and money. These assessments can also help them learn about other energy-saving opportunities.

Update: The pilot neighborhood in Framingham has been selected! Check back on the Eversource Geothermal Pilot page for more information as it becomes available. 

A neighborhood in Framingham is currently under consideration for Geothermal Pilot Program that will bring a cost-effective, low-carbon source of heating and cooling for residents and businesses.

The networked geothermal system uses wells, piping and pumps to pull the earth's heat out of the ground to warm buildings in winter and pumps heat from buildings back into the ground in summer to cool them. Visit the Eversource Geothermal Pilot Program page for more information about the program. 

MetroWest Clean Energy Program
Framingham Aggregation Program

Update: The MetroWest Solar + Clean Heat Challenge ended on March 31, 2022. Thank you to all the residents who have participated! We encourage you to visit the to learn more about the clean energy technologies and explore outside of the program. 

Run by the municipalities of Ashland, Framingham, Holliston, and Natick, the goal of the MetroWest Solar + Clean Heat Challenge is to make it easy for home and building owners to go solar and switch to clean heating and cooling.

The MetroWest Solar + Clean Heat Challenge connects residents and small businesses with trusted information, reliable installers, and competitive pricing for clean energy technology. Through December 2021, residents in Ashland, Framingham, Holliston and Natick are eligible to receive discounted pricing on solar panels, air-source heat pumps and ground-source heat pumps from approved program installers.

Following an authorizing vote by the Framingham City Council, the City of Framingham is launching a municipal aggregation program for residents and businesses in Framingham to provide enhanced price security, expanded consumer choice, and support for renewable energy development.

The City is currently working on developing its Aggregation Plan. Stay tuned for more information on this page!