Surface Treatments - Warren Road, Walnut Street, and Dennison Avenue


A specialized contractor will install a Bonded Wearing Course (NovaChip) surface treatment on the roadway. 

This roadway maintenance technique includes spraying a polymer-modified asphalt emulsion on the road to seal it, followed immediately by an overlay of hot mix asphalt. Utility castings will be raised to grade, and new traffic markings will be installed. 


  • Warren Road (Walnut Street to Shawmut Terrace)
  • Walnut Street (Warren Road to Main Street)
  • Dennison Avenue (Prindiville Ave to Concord Street)

Work will take place during the daytime. A traffic management plan (TMP) for the work area will be implemented to ensure the safety of residents, traffic, and workers. Police details will be on-site to facilitate traffic.

Consultant—BETA Group, Inc.
Contractor— All States Asphalt, Inc.


Roadway maintenance work was completed in May 2021. Utility casting adjustments will continue to be made. Expect minor delays.


The City of Framingham Department of Public Works seeks to minimize any inconvenience to residents while roadwork improvements occur. Please contact the Highway Division at 508-532-6030 with any questions or concerns.

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