2021 Election Calendar

Image of an American Flag, text: 2021 Election Calendar





All deadlines at 4:00 PM unless otherwise indicated
June 1, 2021TuesdayCity Office nomination papers are available from the City Clerk.
July 15, 2021ThursdayLast day and hour to file nomination papers with the Registrars of Voters.
July 29, 2021ThursdayLast day and hour for Registrars to file certified nomination papers with the City Clerk.
August 2, 2021MondayLast day and hour of objections to and/or withdrawal of nomination papers.
August 2, 2021Monday4:10 P.M.  Drawing for ballot positions for City Preliminary Election.
August 25, 2021Wednesday8:00 P.M.  Voter registration deadline for the City Preliminary. 
September 7, 2021TuesdayPre-Preliminary Campaign Finance Reports due: Only Candidates for City Office on the preliminary ballot must file reports covering the date last filed through August 28, 2021. A candidate will file a prepreliminary report only if his or her name appears on a preliminary ballot.
September 7, 2021TuesdayPosting warrant for City Preliminary.
September 14, 2021TuesdayCity Preliminary Election
September 20, 2021MondayLast day and hour for filing withdrawals of or objections to nominations made at the preliminary and for filing written acceptances by write-in or sticker candidates who won in the preliminary with the City Clerk.
September 20, 2021Monday4:10 P.M.  Drawing for ballot position for City Election.
October 13, 2021Wednesday8:00 P.M.  Voter registration deadline for City Election.
October 25, 2021MondayPre-Election Campaign Finance Reports due: Candidates for City Office must file reports covering the date last filed through October 15, 2021
October 26, 2021TuesdayPosting warrant for Election.
November 2, 2021TuesdayCity Election
January 20, 2022TuesdayYear-end Campaign Finance Report Due.