2021 City Council Orders

Order Number 
 Orders by Topic
Meeting Date
2021-056Refer consideration of amendment to General Ordinance Articles V and IX regarding snow removal of handicapped parking spaces and the enforcement of Ordinance to Ordinance and Rules Subcommittee04/06/2021
2021-055Vote to authorize disposition of City-owned Real Estate and Improvements at 61 Lincoln Street - TABLED04/06/2021
2021-054Authorization of a Reserve Fund Transfer Order for a Water-Sewer Rate Study04/06/2021
2021-053Authorize $250,000 appropriation from Free Cash to be used for an Economic Development Study 04/06/2021
2021-052Approve the Surplus Furniture and Supply Plan for Fuller Middle School  04/06/2021
2021-051Grant Hawker/Peddler Licenses to Frank Sacchetti and Robert McGonagle, Frosty Ice Cream
2021-050Grant Annual License Renewals for Second Hand Articles, Junk & Old Metal Licenses to various businesses04/06/2021
2021-049Grant new Annual Second Hand Articles, Junk & Old Metals License to Nasir Ghesani, EZ Mobile Tel, LLC04/06/2021
2021-048Vote to invite Mayor and Chief Operating Officer to attend a City Council Meeting to discuss public records issues 03/30/2021
2021-047Refer proposed Menstrual Hygiene Products Access Ordinance to Ordinance and Rules Subcommittee03/30/2021
2021-046Refer Report of the Mayor on Economic Development to Economic Subcommittee03/30/2021
2021-045Refer request from EDIC for revised enabling legislation to Economic Development Subcommittee 03/30/2021
2021-044Discussion regarding appointment process for At Large members for the newly formed CPA Committee (CPC) - NO VOTE TAKEN03/30/2021
2021-043Refer request for Approval of Rescinding certain prior votes of the City/Town for borrowing authorizations to fund capital projects to Finance Subcommittee03/30/2021
2021-042Refer request for appropriation of funds ($5,000) from Receipts Reserved for Handicapped Parking Fines Account to the Karen Dempsey Scholarship Fund to Finance Subcommittee03/30/2021
2021-041Request for  Home Rule Petition from President of Local 1652 Framingham Firefighters Union03/30/2021
2021-040Request for Authorization for Easements for the Union Ave. Roadway Construction Project - TABLED UNTIL 4/27/202103/30/2021
2021-039Resolution Honoring National Women's History Month03/16/2021
2021-038-001Refer the matter of Land Disturbance Storm Water Zoning Ordinance revisions to the Environmental Subcommittee - NO VOTE TAKEN03/30/2021
2021-038Recommendation to Hold Public Hearings with Regard to Land Disturbance Storm Water Zoning Ordinance Revisions, and recommend that the City Council hold public hearings concurrently on this matter to ensure required zoning deadlines are met03/16/2021
2021-037Refer the creation of an Ordinance to Require Disclosure of Financial Interests in Certain Projects, Licenses and Contracts t o Ordinance and Rules Subcommittee03/16/2021
2021-036Refer the creation of a Sidewalk, Bike & Trail Advisory Committee Ordinance to the Environmental and Sustainability Subcommittee03/16/2021
2021-035Recommendation from Finance Subcommittee regarding Expedited Capital Projects (Second reading)03/16/2021 & 03/30/21
2021-034-001Vote to remove Operator's License Fee (Hackney) from the Taxi Fee Table within 3.3 BOS Policy for the Regulation of Taxicabs/Livery Vehicles and the Operation Thereof04/06/2021
2021-034Refer matter of removing Operator's License Fee (Hackney) from Policy for Regulation of Taxicabs and Livery Vehicles to Ordinance and Rules Subcommittee03/16/2021
2021-033Approve annual livery licenses03/16/2021
2021-032Approve annual taxi permits03/16/2021
2021-031-001Report and Recommendation from the Ordinance and Rules Subcommittee regarding the SIFOC Compensation Survey Report (first reading)04/06/2021
2021-031Refer SIFOC report relating to Compensation Survey Report to Ordinance and Rules Subcommittee03/02/2021
2021-030Request to study and report to City Council on the feasibility and efficacy of transferring the Pearl Street Garage to the MWRTA 03/02/2021
2021-029Request to evaluate any and all opportunities to consolidate municipal and school functions such as technology services, personnel, finance, and facilities  
2021-028Request that the CFO make monthly reports to the City Council on the State of Municipal Revenues and Expenditures by Department  NO VOTE TAKEN03/02/2021
2021-027Vote to table discussion of property surplus near Old Conn. Path TABLED 03/02/2021
2021-026Joint vote with Framingham School Committee to appoint Richard A. Finlay to fill the District 2 School Committee vacancy with a term to expire on December 31, 2021 03/02/2021
2021-025Resolution to honor the life of Police Officer Daniel Louis Giro03/02/2021
2021-024Resolution to declare March 2, 2021 Eurie A. Stamps, Sr. Day in Framingham03/02/2021
2021-023Vote to contract services for an independent rate study on the Water and Sewer Enterprise Funds
2021-022Refer the matter to increase transparency of and access to information to the Ordinance and Rules Subcommittee and Finance Committee02/23/2021
2021-021Refer request for consideration to link the Cochituate Rail Trail and the Carol Getchell Trail to the Environmental and Sustainability Subcommittee02/23/2021
2021-020-001Recommendation that Mayor petition the Legislature to increase the size of the Board of Health03/16/2021
2021-020Refer the matter to increase the size of the Board of Health to the Public Health, Safety and Transportation Subcommittee02/23/2021
2021-019Refer drafting of Ordinance to Allow Accessory Dwelling Units to the Planning Board02/23/2021
2021-018-001Approve budget transfers from departments to Medicare Tax budget03/16/2021
2021-018Refer request for transfers from departments to Medicare Tax budget to the Finance Subcommittee02/23/2021
2021-017Utility Petition - Lockland Avenue02/23/2021
2021-016Vote to encourage and support Mayor, Board of Health, and Public Health Director to enact an eviction moratorium
2021-015-001Refer Ordinance to Create Neighborhood Area Groups back to Ordinance and Rules Subcommittee for public feedback03/16/2021
2021-015Refer proposed Ordinance to create Neighborhood Area Groups to Rules and Ordinances Subcommittee02/02/2021
2021-014Upon request of the Framingham School Committee to give legislative approval to file a MSBA SOI for a new elementary school and to further refer the matter to the Education Subcommittee 02/02/2021
2021-013-001Approve Framingham Public Schools proposed 5 year bus contract02/23/2021
2021-013Refer the Framingham Public Schools Proposed Bus Contract to the Finance Subcommittee02/02/2021
2021-012-001Request City to exercise it Right of First Refusal relative to Belknap Pool Club property and request that the Mayor appropriate $350,000 as noted in the P&S03/02/2021
2021-012Refer consideration of purchase of the Belknap Pool Club property to the Finance Subcommittee  02/02/2021
2021-011Adopt the Ordinance to Implement the Community Preservation Act
Mayor Veto on February 19, 2021; City Council OVERRIDE on March 9, 2021
& 3/9/2021
2021-010-001Consideration of convening four (4) budget forums annually with the Mayor03/16/2021
2021-010Refer consideration of convening four (4) budget forums annually with the Mayor to the Finance Subcommittee01/19/2021
2021-009Approve the leasing of portions of the Plymouth House Nursery School located at 87 Edgell Road in Framingham for a term of up to 5 months01/26/2021
2021-008-001Authorize the refinancing of the City of Framingham's 2009, 2010 and 2011 issued debt02/23/2021
2021-008Refer consideration of refinancing the City's 2009 and 2010 issued debt to the Finance Subcommittee01/19/2021
2021-007-004Refer Mayor's appointments to Board of Health, Board of License Commissioners, and Sustainability Committee to the Appointments Subcommittee 03/30/2021
2021-007-003Approve Mayor's candidates for appointment to the Elderly & Disabled Tax Fund Committee, Fair Housing Committee, and Parks and Recreation Commission03/16/2021
2021-007-002Refer the Mayor's candidates for appointment to the Elderly & Disabled Tax Fund Committee, Fair Housing Committee, and Parks and Recreation Commission to the Appointments Subcommittee02/23/2021
2021-007-001Approve Mayor's appointment of Dr. Maritsa Barros as the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer01/19/2021

Refer Mayor's appointment of Dr. Maritsa Barros as the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer to the Appointments Subcommittee

2021-006Adopt the recommendations of the Framingham Bylaw Review Committee and the Mayoral Bylaw Review Committee, amended by the Ordinance and Rules Subcommittee and further amended by the City Council (FKA Order 2020-118)
2021-005Create adhoc committee to formulate a resolution to honor Eurie Stamps Day on March 2nd01/05/2021
2021-004-001Vote to authorize the grant of easement relative to a Solar Energy Project at McAuliffe Branch Library03/16/2021
2021-004Refer request for authorization of easement relative to a Solar Energy Project at McAuliffe Branch Library to Finance Subcommittee

Authorization to accept additional HUD Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) CARES Act funds

2021-002-001Approve request for the transfer and appropriation of funds relative to a wheelchair lift at Framingham High School02/02/2021
2021-002Refer proposal from Disability Commission for transfer and appropriation of funds relative to a wheelchair lift at Framingham High School to Finance Subcommittee
2021-001Appoint Millie Gonzalez to fill vacant Library Trustee seat