Remote Learning Enrichment Program Exempt. Process

informational resources about applying


  1. Applicants should inform the Municipal Approving Authority (MAA) that you intend to apply for the exemption status. Schedule a time for the MAA to conduct a site visit. During the site visit, the MAA will review all related documents as well as conduct a physical tour of the site. 


  1. Review the requirements as set by EEC in the Attestation form below. Prepare the appropriate documentation for review during the scheduled site visit. 

    1. Attestation Form for Municipalities – This form must be signed off on by the MAA.

  2. Complete the Remote Learning Enrichment Program Health and Safety Self Attestation.  


  1. Have all program staff complete the Attestation for Individuals working at Remote Learning Enrichment Programs form. 


  1. Once the MAA completes the site visit, ensures all appropriate requirements have been met and all documentation has been submitted, the MAA will sign off on all submitted documents and complete the following forms:

    1. Signed Approval Letter from a Municipal Approving Authority 

    2. Attestation Form for Municipalities 


  1. All signed documents by the MAA will then be scanned to the applicant.


  1. The applicant will need to click on the link below, upload the required signed documents and submit an application to EEC for final approval.



  1. EEC will email applicants and the MAA a letter of approval or denial following the submission of all documents. 

  2. The MAA will conduct unannounced site visits to ensure compliance with all requirements as set by EEC and DESE. 

  1. Joseph Corazzini

    Municipal Approval Authority
    Phone: 508-328-6798