Customer Service Policy


The City of Framingham is committed to operate in an efficient customer service orientated manner throughout its entire operation. Excellent service results in an organization meeting the needs of its customers in a consistent and professional manner.

Employee Responsibility

All employees of the City are to be made aware of the importance of customer service. Employees are aware that customer service is vital in all levels of work and will impact employment evaluations and promotional opportunities.

Framingham will recognize employees for excellence in customer service.

Supervisors and Management 

Personnel Leadership by example is a key component to excellence in customer service. Management members continually promote the importance of customer service standards in their actions, words, and writing. Performance evaluations of management personnel will be substantially impacted by the ability of a manager to provide high levels of customer service and the ability to train and supervise employees to do the same.

Standards of Performance 

There are many processes that require formal procedures to be followed. Departments must strive to make these processes as simple as possible. Simplification of forms, easy to understand directions and short timelines are examples of efforts that should be put forth to ensure customer service orientated processes are in place.

Framingham Information and Referral 

Many times residents will inquire at City Hall for issues that are not within our domain. Every effort will be made to refer them to the governmental agency or community service agency that is best able to handle their concerns. All referrals should include a phone number or location of the suggested agency if at all possible. Internal referrals should be handled in a similar manner. If a person on the phone is being referred to a different department, the caller should be given the direct dial number for future reference and then automatically transferred.


The City is committed to continual improvement of its operations based on the philosophy of excellence in customer service. Proper measurement of customer service initiatives is vital to this goal.