Ordinance Review & Recodification Committee

Role and Responsibilities

Article IX Section 6, Framingham Home Rule Charter 

Not later than the first day of July, at 5-year intervals, in each year ending in a five (5) or in a zero, the mayor and council shall provide for a review to be made of the ordinances of the municipality for the purpose of preparing a proposed revision or recodification of them, without substantive change.

This review shall be made by a special committee to consist of nine (9) members, four (4) of these members shall be appointed by the council and five (5) of the members shall be appointed by the mayor. Two (2) of the persons appointed by the council shall be councilors and the remaining members shall be residents of the municipality. The special committee shall file its report with the secretary of the council, not later than the first day of May in the year following the year in which the committee is appointed. The recommendations of the special committee shall appear on the council agenda for action before the fifteenth day of June in that year and, if not so scheduled by the secretary of the council, the matter shall come before the council for action at its next meeting held following the said fifteenth day of June, and no other business shall be in order until the report has been acted upon, by roll call vote.

The review of ordinances shall be under the supervision of the city solicitor. A revision, recodification or republication of the ordinances shall be made at 5-year intervals.

Copies of the revision, recodification or republication shall be made available to the public at a cost not to exceed the actual cost of such reproduction. In each year between such reenactments, an annual supplement shall be prepared which shall contain all ordinances and amendments to ordinances adopted in the preceding year. 

Members of the Ordinance Review & Recodification Committee

Name Seat Appointing Authority 
John Stefanini  Chair City Council 
Joel Winett  Vice Chair  City Council
Jeffrey Goldberg  Clerk Mayor
Vacant Member Mayor
Kalee Balde  Member  Mayor
Stephen Shull  Member Mayor
Nancy Novo O'Connor Member Mayor
Tracey Bryant  Member City Council 
Christine Long  Member City Council