Application for CPA study group

The Framingham City Council is seeking individuals to serve on a Community Preservation Act Study Group to learn about the Community Preservation Act and its suitability for the City of Framingham.

The Community Preservation Act (CPA) was created by state law (Mass. General Laws, Chapter 44B) to help cities and towns preserve the character of their community. The City of Framingham is exploring the possibility of adopting the CPA locally which would allow the City to implement a surcharge of up to 3% on Property Tax bills to fund eligible projects.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts provides "matching" funds in addition to those raised locally by the surcharge.

Each year, the City would be required to spend at least 10% of its annual CPA revenues on each category – open space, historic preservation and community housing. The remaining percentage can be used towards any of the three funding categories listed above.

As voted by the City Council on October 15, 2019, the Community Preservation Act Study Group will be comprised of seven (7) individuals who will research and prepare a CPA Report that:

  • Informs City Council members and City residents about CPA and experiences of other participating municipalities
  • Evaluates CPA surcharge and exemption options, providing economic analysis, and makes recommendations.
  • Identifies potential future Trust Fund projects City-wide
  • Proposes a draft referendum for City Council to consider.

Report is expected to be completed by April 2020 to allow timely City Council consideration of findings and recommendations.

Required CPA Study Group Expertise:

  • Technical knowledge of eligible project types allowed by CPA:  Historic preservation; open space protection and conservation; affordable housing; and outdoor recreation
  • Municipal knowledge in the following areas to ensure viable recommendations:  Finance, Planning and Governance procedures
  • Project management, research, and analytical capabilities to ensure the Committee is able to produce a quality, on-time report.
  • Ability to perform outreach to secure support and cooperation of City Departments, Boards and Commissions