Sewer Dye Testing Program

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The City will begin conducting a Sewer Dye Testing Program the week of October 28, 2019. This program will investigate private property connections that allow rainwater or groundwater to enter the sewer system. Dye testing is a common practice that involves pouring a non-staining dye into suspected sources (e.g., roof downspouts, sump pumps, and floor drains). A source is confirmed if the dye is observed in the sewer system, shown in the photo below. 

Framingham Public Works will ask for assistance from approximately 100 property owners to conduct the program.  The City's Wastewater Master Plan identified areas where flow data suggests inflow issues (i.e., flow increases in response to a rainfall event). The 2019 Private Source Inflow Removal Concept Report conducted investigations in those areas and identified over 100 specific potential sources that are suspected of discharging clean water into the sewer system. 

Dye shown in a sewer manhole

If the dye is observed in the sewer system, as shown in the above photo, the City will work with the property owner(s) to develop a plan to mitigate the problem.

City Press Release - Released on October 16, 2019

Notification Letter sent to approximately 100 property owners