Central St./Edgell Rd. Utility Improvements

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The existing water main on Central St./Edgell Rd. is over a 100 years of age, undersized, and near the end of its useful life. Replacement is needed to ensure reliable and adequate fire protection and drinking water supply. The existing 8-inch water main will be replaced with a 12-inch pipe that will improve the quality and pressure of water supply and fire flow. The existing sewer main is 60-year old vitrified clay pipe, susceptible to high infiltration through cracks and experiencing blockages that require frequent attention by DPW crews. In addition, there is an active force main that ties into the gravity sewer in the Edgell Central Intersection. The City will be increasing the capacity of the gravity sewer and connecting the force main directly into the gravity sewer. Construction started in July 2019. Additional work will commence in Spring 2020.