Central St. Water and Sewer Rehabilitation/Replace

  1. Project Overview
  2. Project Update

The sewer pipe on Central St. is clay pipe installed in 1938. The water pipe is cast iron pipe installed in 1906. The sewer pipe is mostly located in the street, but crosses through two off-road areas which make access for maintenance difficult. Both pipes, due to age and material, present a significant risk for failure. The sewer pipe between Highgate Rd. and Purchase St. will be evaluated, while the water pipe between Edgell Rd. and Purchase St. will be evaluated.

Design efforts will begin with CCTV evaluation of the condition of the existing sewer and drainage pipes to determine if trenchless CIPP lining is an appropriate approach. CIPP lining would reduce the extent of excavation and disturbance to the street and would be a less expensive option for repair of the sewer pipe. Other initial design efforts will include survey, geotechnical testing and evaluation of relocating the pipes in the off-road areas back into the street. This work began in the Spring of 2019. Funding is now approved for the design of water and sewer rehabilitation. 

The City is preparing an additional funding request for design of drainage and roadway improvements on Central St. between Edgell Rd. and Purchase St. Once this funding request is approved, design is expected to begin in July 2020.