It's Not Brady - Favorite Dog Names

Dog Licensing

dog walker sitting on bench with 2 dogs

One of the responsibilities of the Framingham City Clerk's office is the annual licensing of dogs. Each year around 5,000 dog licenses are issued or renewed. Along with distributing the dog tags that uniquely identify each dog, the Clerk's office collects various information about each dog - the breed, the gender, the age, rabies vaccination date, the owner name and address. All of this information goes into the City's permitting system, Accela.

One piece of information that is collected provides a view into the mindset of the population - the dog's name. Why are certain names more popular? Names are often chosen from pop culture - sports heroes (Brady ranks as #16), cartoon characters (Snoopy isn't even in the top 100), and movies.

Because the average life expectancy of dogs is over 10 years, names can also show what was popular a few years ago, but no longer trending. That is the case with Framingham's most popular dog name, Bella. In case you are not familiar with the name, it is one of the lead character from the Twilight series of vampire movies and novels. The first movie premiered in 2008.

Here is a chart of the most popular dog names licensed in Framingham as of January, 2020.

The entire listing of dog names is available on the Framingham data portal.