Firefighter Focus

Welcome to FFD’s Framingham Firefighter Focus page. We will periodically spotlight a group of Framingham Firefighters so the Framingham community can get to know them. We hope you enjoy virtually meeting our team of brave men and women who serve the City of Framingham.

Station 1 Group 2 - 6-8-19


Meet the FFD members of Station 1 Group 2:

  • Captain Hamed started in the fire service in 1996 and joined the Framingham Fire Department in 2004.
  • Lt Moro, FF Rokes and FF Bradley are all second generation firefighters following in their father’s footsteps.
  • FF Sullivan joined in 2013 after a long career as a manager in retail.
  • FF Smolski, after being a mechanic for a while, finally got an opportunity to be a Framingham Firefighter in 2016.
  • FF McKinnon became a Framingham Firefighter in 2017 after serving in the Army.