Brownfields Assessment Program

Brownfields Assessment Program

The goal of the City's Brownfields Assessment Program is to help property owners minimize the uncertainties of contamination often associated with brownfields. Funds are intended to kick-start a redevelopment process that ultimately results in new development with the goals of stabilizing neighborhoods, adding jobs and homes, and increasing the City's tax base.

Program Objectives

  • Assist developers/property owners with due diligence measures and estimates of liabilities
  • Engage community members regarding economic development priorities
  • Improve the quality of life for residents
  • Increase local job opportunities and tax revenue
  • Restore existing neighborhoods and commercial corridors
  • Return blighted and contaminated properties to productive use
  • Stimulate and promote economic development

Is My Property Eligible?

Site eligibility is based on a number of factors and we encourage you to talk with our Brownfields team about your property. Factors used to determine eligibility include:
  • Is there a plan for business growth or other redevelopment?
  • Is/has the property currently/previously regulated by MA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)?
  • What is the history of uses on the site and surrounding properties?
  • What is the ownership status?
Morton Street Lot

For more information about site eligibility, please refer to the Assessment Application page.