Leak Detection

Image of vehicle conducting leak detection. See below for more info.

Framingham receives its water from the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA). As an MWRA community, we are obligated to perform comprehensive leak detection surveys to ensure we are losing as little water as possible through leaks in the water mains and services within our system. All water distribution systems need to account for all the water it supplies to its users, therefore minimizing these losses is an important piece of what we do.

With over 250 miles of water main and 17,000+ service connections in Framingham, it is important that we locate and address any leaks in the distribution system to reduce unaccounted for water loss and minimize lost revenue.


Miles Leak Detection will begin conducting the City's annual leak detection survey of the water system starting on Thursday night, May 5. 
Specialized listening devices will be placed on fire hydrants and valve boxes in the road to identify and locate any leaks for the Water Division to address.
Work will primarily occur at night between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., when traffic noise is lowest. Some daytime work may occur depending on the ambient noise in each neighborhood. 

A Hybrid Ford Escape will be used during surveying, marked "Miles Leak Detection". Workers will be wearing bright reflective clothing, tool belts, and large headsets. 

Residents with questions or concerns can email water@FraminghamMa.gov or call 508-532-6050.