Zoning Developments

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Zoning is an important tool for the way land use within Framingham is utilized. How Framingham chooses to develop and allow for certain land uses will shape the way the community evolves over time. It is important that Framingham makes clear and informed decisions about its land use development since it serves as the central hub of MetroWest.

This webpage is intended to provide regularly updated information regarding land use and zoning proposals and initiatives in Framingham. Please feel free to submit questions, comments, and concerns to the Planning Board (via email, phone, or stopping into the office).

To learn more about the respective zoning initiative, please click on the logo next to the description of the zoning article.

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Corporate Mixed-use Districts

The Corporate Mixed-use I (CMU I) and the Corporate Mixed-use II (CMU II) Districts are designed to encourage a master planned community that combines and supports a mixture of uses.

Zoning Archive

Zoning Archive

The Zoning Archive holds past zoning articles that the Planning Board held public hearings on. Not all zoning heard by the Planning Board has been enacted as a Zoning Ordinance. The Zoning Archive allows for those interested in zoning to see what has been heard in the past.