Union Avenue Roadway Improvements

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The project involves improvements to Union Avenue from Proctor Street to Main Street, with limited work on intersecting local roadways. Specifically, the proposed improvements include full depth pavement reconstruction, sidewalk reconstruction, traffic signal improvements, streetscape improvements, bicycle accommodation, warning and regulatory signage, and pavement markings.

The existing traffic signal at Mt. Wayte Avenue will be reconstructed and new traffic signals will be constructed at the Union Avenue intersections with Lincoln Street and Walnut Street.

Streetscape and ornamental lighting improvements will be constructed from the southerly beginning of the project up to the intersection with Lincoln Street. Minor roadway widening of less than 2 feet is proposed between Proctor Street and Lexington Street in order to provide a sufficient cross-section for travel lanes, bike lanes, and on-street parking. Water, sewer, and drainage improvements are now complete in anticipation of this project.

Union Avenue Roadway Project Limits