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Zoning Development & Amendments

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Nobscot Village (B-4) Zoning  

The Nobscot Village (B-4) District is intended to foster and attract development opportunities that lead to a direct investment into pivotal areas where junctions or crossroads exist. The intent is to encourage redevelopment and reinvestment into a neighborhood center in order to re-establish this area as fully integrated and functional vibrant village center. The Nobscot Village District shall include a mixture of various uses that are able to support and promote business and community within the area. Uses are intended to complement one another and allow for different offerings such as art and cultural spaces, public community space, educational/institutional use, entertainment, residential, office space, retail, and other small business enterprises.  

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

The development of an Ordinance that would allow the creation of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) within single family residential structures. 

Archive Zoning

To review past zoning articles considered by the Planning Board and/or the City Council. 

Land Use Initiatives

Background information, annual reports, land use studies, and policy development - where it all starts before moving forward as a zoning by-law, policy, or plan.