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Want to know what is going on in your neighborhood, in your community, and/or within Framingham? This page has been developed to keep all those who want to know what is being currently reviewed by the Planning Board, what has been permitted by the Planning Board, what projects are under construction, and/or all projects that have been completed.

The Framingham Planning Board knows that the happenings in your neighborhood and community are important to you, which is why the Planning Board continuously works hard to create an open and transparent process. If at any point in the day there are questions, comments, and/or suggestions about a project please contact the Planning Board Office.

Keep up to date by following development projects under review by the Planning Board!!

Project Development Library

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Projects Under Review
Each development project under review by the Planning Board has a individual webpage. Visit our Projects Under Review page to learn more.

Project Archive Library

Once a project has gone through review, it is then stored in the Project Archive for more information.

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Did you know....

  • Each project reviewed by the Planning Board is given a Project/Case Number. This number is to aid in the quick look up of projects. Here is what the parts of the number means- Project/Case Number PB-XXX-XX : the PB stand for Planning Board; the middle three digits in this case XXX stand for the project number; and the last two digits XX is the year.
  • When a project is scheduled for an opening public hearing with the Planning Board each project gets a webpage created which can be found under "Projects Under Review" and a Facebook Event page so interested parties can keep track of projects. Don't forget to attend the Facebook event to keep up to date with any additions of information added to the project's webpage, if a meeting is rescheduled, and/or a decision is made
  • All projects reviewed and permitted will be continually added to the Project Archive so you can look up past project information
  • The Planning Board enjoys receiving public input about projects - interested parties can provide written letters of comment which will become part of the project file, call and/or stop into the Planning Board Office with questions, and/or attend a public meeting

Information? Questions? Requests? Comments?

Please contact the Planning Board Office by emailing Nat Eames, calling us via phone at 508-532-5450, or stop by during office hours.

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