Recodification of the Zoning By-Law

About the Zoning By-Law

The purpose of the Framingham Zoning By-law is to establish regulations for the uses of premises, protection and promotion of life, health, safety, morals, convenience, and general welfare to the Framingham community. In 2013, at Annual Town Meeting, the Town voted to commence a recodification process for the Zoning By-Law. The recodification of the Zoning By-Law is expected to take roughly three years, broken down into phases. Below is an overview of three completed phases:

  • Phase I (Fall Special Town Meeting of 2014) included the review and reorganization of the entire Zoning By-Law. The Zoning By-Law was further reviewed and amended to be consistent with current case law and Massachusetts General Law. No substantial changes were made during Phase I of the recodification process. Major revisions during Phase I included the following: relocation of Definitions, the creation of a Table of Uses, reorganization of sections, and general housekeeping.
  • Phase II (Annual Town Meeting of 2015) and Phase III (Fall Special Town Meeting of 2015) included and update, correction, amendments, and modification of various sections of the Zoning By-Law were started. These two phases allowed the Town to revise outdated processes and By-Laws and bring them up-to-date with best land use management practices.

Recodification Work Plan

Town Meeting Recodification Documents